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July 18 2015

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July 17 2015

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…….|via tumblr na We Heart It -

July 14 2015

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W mroku nie ma nic przerażającego, jeśli tylko stawi mu się czoło.
— Lisa Jane Smith Czas Buntu. Moc (via cytaty-dla-kazdego)

July 13 2015

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get to know me meme: [2/10] male characters
james cook - “
One thing I’ve learnt is that you should never look back. The past is dead and buried. You get nothing from living there. It’s all about today. But I’ve been having these dreams. In them, nothing’s real. Nothing’s solid, everything’s fantasy. Fucked. An illusion. In these dreams, I’m a life that’s already gone by. Today means nothing. Today is just a ghost that’s haunting me. I’m at the end of the world, on the edge of things, and I think about letting go. I think about falling. My name is James Cook. I did something once. My ghosts won’t let me forget it.“

July 12 2015

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July 07 2015

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July 04 2015

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Zobacz ten obrazek znaleziony przez mnie na We Heart It -

June 30 2015

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Untitled na We Heart It -

June 29 2015

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rich and grace forever.

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June 28 2015

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